Temporary Fence Installation Baton Rouge

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If you are looking for fences which are for a very specific need, temporary fences might be what you are looking for. There are different types of fences which can cater to specific requirements. It’s of the utmost importance to get fences which are appropriate for the use to ensure that it lasts long.

Listed below are the different temporary fence types available.

  • Panels

This type is very useful in creating divisions in massive areas. It is available in different types of materials such as gate, chain link, and wood. Panels can add an additional security by installing barb wires on it.

  • Water Barricades

It is helps prevent water from entering a specific area. This type of temporary fence is often used in parking spaces and construction sites where barriers are important to ensure safety. It is very handy because it is easy to move because of its adjustable weight.

  • Anti-scale Fences

This type can ensure the best security and privacy because of its height. The panels are 8-foot tall which are foolproof for intruders and thieves. Typically, this type of fence is made of steel and mesh material.

  • Pedestrian Barricades

This is very helpful in securing walkways during mass gatherings such as concerts, parades, festivals, and sporting events. Since large crowds are often difficult to manage, pedestrian barricades simplify the job.

These temporary fences are available either for rent or for purchase. If you need temporary fences which you will use multiple times or for an extended period, we strongly suggest buying your own. It might cost a significant amount, but it is good investment since it will save you more in the long run. It is also perfect for those with available storage space. However, if you only need these fences for a limited period, you can opt to rent instead.

Temporary Fence Installation