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If you want durable and nice-looking fences, without having to pay a fortune, these Simtek fences are a good steal. You may be unfamiliar with this material since it is fairly new in the market. It is patented with an original design as if real stones which makes it perfect for residential and industrial use. The realistic design makes it an instant favorite for property owners.

In terms of performance, it can endure strong winds including hurricanes which can be as strong as 110 mph to 130 mph. It is especially a good fit here Baton Rouge since we do experience hurricanes at times. With Simtek fences, you will surely have the peace of mind knowing that your fences can stand through the gusts.

On average, Simtek fences cost $2500, and price ranges from $1800 to $4500. This cost includes both the materials and the labor cost. To give you an idea, installation can cost between $15 to $25 per foot, while materials are $5 to $25 per foot.

The polyethylene material makes it very affordable. Polyethylene is a plastic material that is long lasting, durable, and resilient. There is a common misconception that plastic does melt in too high temperatures, however Simtek won’t because the material is sunlight stabilized. Rest assured that it can tolerate extreme weather temperatures.

Aside from the durability, it is also customizable to fit into different properties. You can always opt for classic colors like brown, white, beige, and red, if you want the sophisticated look. But depending on your taste, you can always go for colors which suits your taste. To add to the overall look, Simtek fences are also available in different textures Bufftech Sherwood privacy fence, Simtek Ecostone style, and Simtek Ecostone privacy fence.

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Simtek Fence Installation Baton Rouge