Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Fence Installation Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge fencing

Fences are necessary in maintaining the security of a property. However, do you know that fences can be decorative as well? For property owners who are particular about the look of their property ornamental fences are a good option. With these, you can be sure that your property will receive the best protection while ensuring that it still looks as good.

But since fences are primarily for protection, it is imperative to bear in mind that these should remain sturdy and robust aside from just looking good. The measure of a good fence is its ability to perform its main purpose. Ornamental steel and aluminum fences are guaranteed to do the best in both durability and beauty.

For property owners who are undecided between aluminum and steel, we can provide you with a brief explanation of the difference of these two.

Ornamental steel fences are the superior in terms of strength and because of it, this costs more than the other. But this type can surely provide you with your money’s worth. The ornamental aluminum fence, on the other hand, is more malleable which can fit into different corners and areas. It is also more affordable than the first one.

Speaking of price, the average price of fences is about $3660, ranging from $2000 to $6000. The overall price varies depending on the style, height, and material. Meanwhile, more complex installation can further add to the overall cost of the fence. This type of fence is quite pricey because of its premium quality and features.

These ornamental fences are customizable in different colors, and our top picks include gold gloss, bronze satin, black gloss, black satin, khaki satin, and sandstone gloss. We have a very wide variety of color choices that you can choose from. For inquiries, call us at 225-425-7804.

Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Fence