Dumpster Enclosures Installation Baton Rouge

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Most cities regulate sanitation by requiring properties to have dumpsters to ensure proper waste management. However, it becomes a problem for other property owners because it tends to be unsightly most of the time. Since it is impossible to get rid of them, we have an excellent solution for you, and these are the dumpster enclosures.

Aside from the fact that dumpster enclosures cover the dumpster, these are also useful in prolonging its life. These enclosures provide sufficient defense from the weather and impact which keeps the basic dumpster protected. It is also helpful in keeping away trespassers, stray animals, and other pests that may invade the dumpster.

To better suit the needs of different property owners, these dumpster enclosures are available in different materials. Listed below are the different types that we offer here at Baton Rouge Fencing Company.

  • Brick Dumpster Enclosures

For those who prefer classic looking enclosures, the brick dumpster enclosure can surely be a good fit. This type lasts long since brick is a sturdy material which can withstand time.

  • Steel and Aluminum Dumpster Enclosures

For property owners who are seeking for the heavy-duty dumpster enclosures, this steel and aluminum dumpster enclosure is foolproof. It can give the ultimate protection because of its strength which makes it certainly dependable.

  • Wooden Dumpster Enclosures

For property owners who want nice looking dumpster enclosures, wood material can give a sophisticated vibe. However, it requires regular maintenance since this material is prone to termites which may lead to major damage.

  • Vinyl Dumpster Enclosures

For those looking into completely concealing the dumpster, vinyl is capable of securing privacy. The only drawback about this is its quite delicate and may easily impair.

  • Chain Link Dumpster Enclosures

This type provides an unobstructed view of the dumpster while protecting it from pests and stray animals.

Dumpster Enclosures Installation