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If you are uncomfortable about being exposed in your property, then you need private fences. Cedar wood fences are best in providing privacy because it is gapless as well as it is tall enough. Height is very critical factor in terms of privacy because it keeps anyone from just looking over and peaking in. It gives that sense of privacy which provides comfort.

Apart from the privacy, Cedar wood fences are also a good addition for your property in terms of visual value. Since wood is a timeless material, rest assured that it can add sophistication on to your property. This type also blends well with different property styles and theme which makes it a good choice for most property owners.

Cedar wood fences has two different types to provide different kinds of privacy. Listed below are the options available.

  • Standard Privacy Type

If you want complete concealment, this type of fence will surely be a good choice for you. With this one, the Cedar wood planks are joined together on its sides facing a single direction and leaving no gaps in between. It has an effortless and sparky vibe which you will enjoy.


  • Shadowboxing

Meanwhile with this type, the Cedar wood planks are fixed together while facing alternating directions, displaying both the front and back parts. However, this type only provides minimal privacy because of its gaps. Opposite of the former, this type leans on the fancier side.

To give you peace of mind, we can guarantee you that the durability of these fences can make it last up to 10 years. Since wood requires regular maintenance, we can help you in monitoring and ensuring that your fences remain in its perfect condition.

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Cedar Wood Fence Installation