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If you have special needs for cages and enclosures, we at Baton Rouge Fencing Company has different options available. All these cages and enclosures serve a special purpose that it can serve depending on your need.

Listed below are the different cages and enclosures available.

  • Tool and equipment cages

Perfect for those looking for enclosures with tight security. This type of cage is typically used in construction sites to safeguard tools and equipment. Construction tools are difficult to tuck in just anywhere because these are quite expensive. But with the help of this type of cage, it guarantees maximum protection from thieves.


  • Batting cages

This type of cage is important in developing and practicing batting skills which is an essential ability in softball and football. A batting cage is useful in containing the ball to ensure easier training. When purchasing batting cages, make sure to get fences made of durable materials to ensure the best performance.


  • Safety enclosures

If you have a trampoline, or if you are still planning in getting one, make sure to install safety enclosures alongside it. Kids are prone to get into accidents while playing in it especially without adult supervision. To ensure that your children get to have the best experience without the risk of injury, the safety enclosures are surely a good investment.


  • Dog kennels and cages

If you are a fur parent, make sure to get your dog a kennel. Most property owners overlook the importance of getting one for their pets thinking that it is enough that dogs stay within the house. However, dogs need burrows where they can seek refuge in. It gives them excellent sense of comfort knowing that they are protected.

All our products are guaranteed to be durable and dependable. For inquiries and a free estimate, call us at 225-425-7804.

Cages & Enclosures Installation