Back Stops Installation Baton Rouge

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Baseball is a sport which includes flying balls as well as huge fan bases. Chances of accidents are more likely to happen when there are more people involved. However, these accidents are preventable with proper safety measures such as back stops.

Back stops are the curved fences at the rear of a baseball field which serves as a barrier in ensuring that the ball remains within the premises. This type of fence is unusually high to keep up with flight of the ball while the curve structure at the top ensures to contain the ball. Back stop fences do not only protect the spectators but players and neighboring places as well.

To still allow a good view of the game, backstop fences are made of chain links to ensure that the audience get to enjoy the game. However, if you are not fond of chain link, you have another option that is vinyl coated fabric. Typically, the color of back stop fences is silver metal, but of course you can always opt for other color choices as you prefer.

There are various backstop dimensions available to provide different types of protection.

  • Outfield Fence

Normally, this is 2.4 meters high and has a ground clearance of 25.4 mm and size of 50mm.

  • Protective Fencing for the Player Bench

The dimensions of this fence are like the former which 50 mm by 2.44 m. This type of fence is intended to protect the player bench and the dugout.

  • Protective Fence for Spectators

This is also 2.44 m by 50 mm but the main purpose of this is to ensure the safety of the spectators in case the ball flies towards their direction.

  • Backstop Fencing

This is the tallest backstop fence at 4.88 m high. It is very durable to ensure that it can withstand the impact of thrown and pitched balls.

Back Stops Installation Baton Rouge